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5 Tips that make Wi-Fi signal speed awesome

 5 Tips that make Wi-Fi signal speed awesome

Avi blog today I suggest some tips and simple ways that you can apply it make the signal of the Wi-Fi network at home very fast

Among these methods that help to capture a stronger signal are:
- Choose the right place for the router:
Place the lights in a place where the house is centered and free from corners or obstructions in a way that ensures the signal is distributed evenly throughout the house, and it is always preferable not to place it near the windows in order to prevent the loss of the Wi-Fi signal and its reflection inside the walls of the house.

Use Wi-Fi signal boosters:
If the house is large and contains many obstacles, such as furniture or even walls, use small devices that are able to receive a "Wi-Fi" signal from the "router" and re-broadcast it and distribute it in the home rooms.

Select the appropriate "router" device:
To ensure the high quality of the Wi-Fi signal and its power at home, select modern "routers" that are compatible with new network technologies, preferably those with the most broadcast antennas.

Using some simple metal reflectors:
The simplest metal panels available in the home can be placed near the router antennas and directed in a way that reflects the signal in the desired direction, so that cans of empty soft drinks made of metal and cut uniquely so that they reflect the signals.

Keeping the "router" out of the many sources of jamming:
Place the "routers" away from TVs, telephones, radios, or any electronic devices capable of broadcasting wireless signals that may affect or interfere with the signals transmitted by the router.

Change passwords on the router:
Finally, change the password for the "Wi-Fi" network in the router every period to avoid the use of intruding and home devices network services, which greatly affect the speed of data transmission.
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