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How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp? 10 amazing tricks for WhatsApp !!

How to read deleted messages on WhatsApp? 10 amazing tricks for WhatsApp !!

WhatsApp is considered form the most famous chat apps that is used by many peoples till now

and they continously update it

However there is many trics in WhatsApp not many know them

this is what we are going to show you in this blog

here you have 11 tricks you don't know about the famous app "WhatsApp"

11 message Tightening

do you know that you can Tightening your message with a BOLD font instead of the original font

and that is away from emojies

and that is going to be with many ways

for example writing your text between these symbols  _text_  *text*  `text`

10 listitening the voice messages in a lower voice

if a voice message reached you and you are outside

and you wanted to listen to it in a bit lower voice

......... put your phone on your ears and the voice's volume  will decreases automatically

this isn't hard

but it will be useful for others

9 Appearance of WhatsApp message notification like "Messanger"

message appearance like bubble is way better from oppening the app and viewing the message

and to have this happen....

you can download WhatsApp bubbles

8 sending specified message to many people without creating a group

if you want to send a message to many people al you've to do is......

enter the chat and choose new brodcast

choose the recivers

and press "send"

like this the message will reach the persons you want the message to reach them

and no one else will see the message

7 hiding WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is supporting a security system

you can hide you account profile photo and your status even your lats seen and your viewed messages

all you've to do is

select "settings" from the menu

then select "Account" then "Privacy" then you can edit it easily

6 how do I know if someone blocked me

there are some signs the shows you that someone has blocked you

First you don't know if this person is online or not

nor viewing his last seen

nor you can't view his account's profile photo

and also you can't view his status

and all of the previous anyone can do it without blocking anyone

and so that the most important sign is that when you send hi a message you don't see a sign that he has recived your message

5 Data saver

many people suffer from using much data by WhatsApp

and the solution is......

select form the menu "Data saver" and select "don't download any thing during using Data"

4 Fake person calling

by the time anyone can verify WhatsApp by selecting "send verifying message"

and for a best verification you've to select "Call me" on your own phone number

these numbers are always non active even you saved it and tried to call it later

3 Finding the important messages fastly

if you are having many messages and you want to reach the important one fastly

all you've to do is marking it with a star

and then it become a stared message then you can reach it by oppening the "stared messages"

2 WhatsApp Beta

Briefly this app has the newly updates before they reach any version

for knowing every thing new

and it has a trail version

and it's accurate in Android is better than IOS devices

1 Reading deleted messages

actually it has happened to you before that someone send you a message and delete it befor you read it

but don't worry

there is a smart trick that allows you to read the deleted messages on WhatsApp

this trick depends on installing another app that saves notifications like "Navigation history app"

or any other app

and after installing it will ask you about accessing the notifications on your phone

press"Accept" and then if someone send you a message then he deleted it before you read it

the app'll send you 2 notifications

1st is that this message has been deleted and the 2nd is original text of the deleted message

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